School Uniform

Each child at St Brigid’s Primary School is expected to wear the uniform as stipulated below. Wearing the school uniform develops in children a sense of pride in their appearance and in their school. If for any reason your child cannot be incorrect school uniform then a note to your child’s class teacher is required explaining the reason. This can only be an interim measure and children would be expected to be incorrect school uniform as soon as possible. All items of our school uniform are available from the Uniform Shop.

The Uniform Shop is open each Monday from 2 pm to 3:15 pm

Girl’s Uniform

  • Teal check blouse, teal skort, black shoes with white socks and the school hat

In colder weather girls may wear blue stockings or navy track pants and the school pullover or jacket. Girls must wear full black shoes (not ballet-style shoes). If wearing track pants then white socks must also be worn. Our school’s tracksuit jacket may also be worn in cold weather.

Boy’s Uniform

  • Blue shirt (with logo), navy school shorts (with logo), black shoes, school socks (navy with red and blue bands) or brown sandals and school hat.

In colder weather boys may wear the school pullover or jacket and navy track pants.

Girl’s and Boy’s Sport Uniform

  • Blue school sports shirt and black sports shorts, white socks, sports shoes and school hat.

During the colder weather children are to wear a school pullover or tracksuit jacket and school or navy track pants.

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