Vision Statement

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School

Vision Statement

 “Enhancing Children’s Potential within a Christian Environment”

Mission Statements:

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School endeavours to support the spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional development of children’s potential through:

  • A school environment underpinned by Gospel values espoused by Jesus Christ;
  • Collaborative leadership between parents, staff, students and Parish Priest;
  • Quality teaching and learning in a safe, challenging and exciting learning environment;
  • Catering to children’s individual needs.


  • Be sacramental in nature and develop community amongst parents, staff, students and parish.
  • Develop in children and staff a love of learning by catering to individual needs in a challenging, safe and encouraging learning environment.
  • Provide a harmonious and supportive working environment where community contributions are welcomed, acknowledged and valued.
  • Create a co-operative and affirming workplace promoting consistency and open and effective communication across all areas of school life.