Kyogle is situated on the Summerland Way, forty five kilometres north west of Lismore and sixty kilometres south of the NSW/Queensland border. The town has a population of 4,000 people while the council area has a population of 9000.

The Kyogle Shire is mainly dependent on the Primary Industries of dairying, beef and timber for its economic stability. The rainforest areas of the Border Ranges are proving to be a major tourist attraction.

Kyogle is known in aborigine parlance as “the place of the native companion” – nestled in its picturesque setting close to Fairy Mount.

Rumour has it that Kyogle began as a Methodist settlement; it was never Crown land and in those early days there were but two Catholic families.

In 1906 Kyogle was part of the Casino parish and in the care of Monsignor Ahearn. A site for the church was required. Negotiations were begun, and the Kyogle estate donated a block of land. In a relatively short space of time the building was completed, and his Lordship, Most Rev. Doctor J. Doyle, opened and blessed it in the presence of a representative gathering on 17th November 1906.